Quality service and maintenance


Snooker and pool table maintenance

We specialise in snooker table maintenance. We take the hassle of financing the high initial cost of keeping your tables in tip top condition by spreading the cost over terms of 2 or 4 years. Please contact us for a free no obligation visit to you club to give an honest evaluation of your snooker and/or pool tables condition and the best maintenance package which would be most suitable.

Cushion Refurbishment

So that your snooker table wont be out of action, tmeporary cushions are supplied and fitted whilst your cushions are taken back to our works. There the cushions will be stripped back and any repairs carried out. The cushion face will be planned sqaure and tulip wood blocks and support fillets fitted. The angles cut and prepared for rubbering. We then fir Northern Rubber as standard, cut and shape to comply with the WBSA templates. Then its off to our finishing room. There the cushions will be stained to match the table frame and multiple coats of 2 pac lacquer will be applied to enchance and protect the wood.

Other Services